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Industry Reviews

“What starts as a quick cash-grab road trip soon becomes a cat and mouse (make that cats and mice) crime caper… and then takes a swift turn into an epic journey of the soul. This hip, smartly-written tale serves up a deft character-driven plot with generous dollops of 1960s atmosphere. You’ll dig this groovy, touching tale!”

—Jess Montgomery, Award-winning Author and Journalist


“Mustang to Paducah has a cast of zany, whacko characters, the action is fast-paced, and the dialogue is witty and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny. Author Ramos y Sanchez is a master storyteller and this novel ranks right up there with those of Carl Hiaasen.”

—John Kachuba, Author of Shapeshifters: A History


“The language in Mustang to Paducah, along with the quirks of character and style, make Cruiser and Peanut’s aberrant choices seem wonderfully inevitable. Dangers lurk and youth prevails, against a backdrop of truly sinister forces. Our heroes are so engaging, you might call this a romp. I call it a most entrancing novel. What a pleasure, this endlessly inventive book.”

—John Thorndike, Author of The World Against Her Skin 


“We all love a good road trip story and Mustang to Paducah is a thoroughly entertaining tale that takes you down a madcap rabbit hole with one surprising turn after the next. It’s a page turner that could easily become a TV series.”

—Marco Frazier, Global Media Executive


“I’m perhaps the ideal audience for this book, since I grew up a hippy kid in a Mexican-American family. But this tale of fast cars, murder, drugs, and a crime family assassin on the trail of two innocent guys is easy to enjoy. Pick it up — you won’t be able to put it down!”

—Jennifer Silva Redmond, Editor and Screenwriter


“What should just be a simple job helping a friend of a friend, Cruiser and Peanut (two wannabe hippies from Miami), find themselves in the middle of drug filled chaos and mayhem stretching from the backwoods of Kentucky to The Great White North and back and beyond! If Jack Kerouac’s work was turned into a film directed by David Lynch, you might have an idea of how this wonderful read might go.”

—Brian Wixson, Actor and Editor


“Another successful book by a prodigious writer. He takes you on an exciting ride following the journey of two carefully constructed characters. It was an enjoyable read and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a book to entertain and captivate.”

—Veronica Jacuinde, Print and Television Journalist

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