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In 1969: 40 million watched him wed Miss Vicky

In 1969, a bizarre crooner with a voice like a strangled cat known as Tiny Tim tied the knot with Miss Vicky, his 17-year-old bride, before a live television audience on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. The awkward ceremony drew over 40 million viewers. (For perspective, the #1 late-night television host of 2021, Stephen Colbert, averaged just under 3 million viewers per night. )

After exchanging vows, Tiny Tim and Miss Vicky turned down the celebratory glass of champagne offered by Carson, preferring to drink milk with honey instead. The show’s occasionally inebriated co-host Ed McMahon gladly accepted the bubbly they refused.

To this day, the wedding stands as a reminder that love knows no boundaries, not even ones of reason or good taste.

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