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In 1969: Big Bird and Company Hit the Street

In 1969, the creators of Sesame Street launched a children’s television show that would “master the addictive qualities of television” to help young children prepare for school.

The show was an immediate success. What began as a public service project funded by grants has turned into a marketing colossus of branded merchandise. Back in 1969, who could have imagined the payout for doing good would be so good?

Set in 1969, MUSTANG TO PADUCAH, follows the madcap travails of two Miami hippies returning a car for a tourist from Kentucky who find themselves as the prime suspects in a multiple murder. You can read the first chapter of this zany adventure free using the Look Inside feature on Amazon:


The Period Pieces Blog curates fun facts from the 1960s inspired by the novel Mustang to Paducah by Raul Ramos y Sanchez.

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